8 things to do in the Kufsteinerland in Tyrol in winter

The Kufsteinerland in Tyrol is the area around Kufstein, a town famous for its fairytale-like fortress and which in winter, with snow, becomes a favorite destination for slow snow lovers: snowshoeing, sledding, cross-country skiing, ice skating, snow walks and many other activities other than classic alpine skiing to enjoy winter in an intimate and relaxed way.

With snowshoes in the Kufsteinerland

Snowshoes in the Kufsteinerland are among the most popular activities for residents and tourists: many areas with lots of snow and without the danger of avalanches to explore at a slow pace, like the one around Lake Thiersee, a flat hike lasting about 1 hour, also suitable for families with children, admiring the winter landscape. And when the lake really freezes it is also possible to cross it on foot or with ice skates. From the Lake Thiersee you can also reach the famous Kala Alm , through idyllic paths and wonderful views. Then there is the panoramic trail that surrounds the thermal village of Bad Häring : a gentle snowy path that winds through the silence of nature.

More challenging is the snowshoe hike that starts from the center of the village of Hinterthiersee and goes up to Wieshof. There are about 4 kilometers of snowy landscapes and fairytale winter views: you reach 1069 meters to admire a truly enchanting landscape.

With the sled in the Kufsteinerland

Another winter classic in Kufsteinerland is sledging: in almost every town there is a toboggan run on well-maintained forest paths, partly illuminated – and always with a cozy hut where you can sip and taste typical Tyrolean recipes. The most popular destinations for sledging are Kala Alm in Thiersee, a very characteristic hut that offers a romantic night descent (sled rental in the hut € 3). Another descent is in Thiersee-Landl , the Mariandlalm, a fantastic trail to be enjoyed all in one breath.

The Aschenbrenner track that starts directly from the town of Kufstein is about 5 km long and to reach it you walk for about an hour and a half: arrived at the characteristic hut you warm up with a good herbal tea and a slice of strudel and you return to the valley with the sled (rent € 7.50, directly in the hut). A fantastic descent in the midst of alpine nature.

The Zahmer Kaiser toboggan run in Durchholzen is also romantic and nocturnal : it is an easy descent of about 3 km, illuminated and always covered with snow. You can get on either with the 4-seater chairlift or you can get there on foot, walking on a well-marked path. Then there is the Aschinger Alm in Ebbs, situated at about 1000 meters, with spectacular views of the valley: you can climb on foot in about an hour, refresh yourself in the modern hut and from here you go down with a toboggan for about 3 , 2 km of enchanting snowy slope.

Cross-country skiing in the Kufsteinerland

In addition to sledding, other traditional sports are curling and ice skating , for which there are natural and artificial ice surfaces in the entire Kufsteinerland. The cross-country skiing with guaranteed snow is located in Bad Haring, Thiersee and the center of cross-training in Schwoich.

The Kufsteinerland ski areas

In the Kufsteinerland there are also small ski areas, suitable for families and beginners: around the lake Thiersee the slopes are easy and panoramic. There is also a small ski area in Schwoich, suitable for beginners, with a very attractive ski pass price (from € 8.50 for children). Kufsteinerland is also famous for its excellent ski tours: directly from Kufstein a route leads up to the Kaisergebirge. Popular areas are also Ackernalm in Their Seegebiet and Wandberg not far from Niederndorf. Guided ski tours are offered by the Thiersee ski school.

For skiers who love the great ski areas, the SkiWelt Wilder Kaiser – Brixental (whose lifts are only a few kilometers away) offers 284 kilometers of slopes where to have fun, 90 modern lifts and 81 characteristic huts. The ski bus that takes guests to the ski lifts is free.

Free winter activities in the Kufsteinerland

In the Kufsteinerland there are also many free winter activities , such as the splendid walk of the Five Elements passing through the chapel of St. Nicholas in Ebbs, a sort of spiritual and meditative retreat in calm and tranquility. Nature rests under a blanket of snow and together with the guide the Five Elements are lived through small rituals, Qi Gong exercises and meditation breaks at the energy points that are discovered during this walk, after which one feels invigorated and charged with energy.

For those who love oriental disciplines, there is also an interesting guided walk where the main theme is Qi Gong, the technique that helps to release negative energies and blocks and to capture positive energies to restore body, mind and spirit.

Tai Chi lovers appreciate practicing the exercises in front of the enchanting landscape of Lake Thiersee: with the teacher you perform Tai Chi exercises to find your inner balance. The location is really ideal and, of course, the lessons are free.

Not to be missed is the meditative snowshoe hike with the incense ritual: a unique walk in the Riedenberg energy point in the Lake Thiersee valley. We arrive at the mystical circle of stones and the guide performs the incense ritual, creating a special atmosphere, to give participants a positive charge of energy.

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