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Amazing Frog? Review


Julie Ellis / 20 Oct 2020

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Amazing Frog? is a fun sandbox game with an open world that allows players to have fun and kill some time. There are a lot of places you can visit and items you can interact with. The main character is a frog that roams across the city and countryside. You can download Amazing Frog? for Windows, Mac OS, and Linux platforms. The game was released in 2014. Developers regularly create Amazing Frog? updates that can be downloaded for free from the official Steam page. However, the game is not free to download. It should be mentioned that despite the age, Amazing Frog? is still in early access. 

Graphics 4/5

Amazing Frog? graphics are not great. However, developers released an update about a year ago that improved the picture radically. Now, you can see the objects. The animation is smooth and well-detailed. However, some textures might be glitchy. For example, different items can be stuck in the textures, or some places can be too dark. However, these issues will not affect the gameplay radically.

Gameplay 4/5

There is no particular plot in Amazing Frog?. Players have to play as a frog that lives in Swindon town. There are a lot of places you can visit. For example, pool, gym, various restaurants, banks, parks, car dealership, etc. You can enter these facilities and interact with objects. There are also a lot of cannons in the town. You can get into the cannot so it could launch you in the sky.

There are many NPCs in Amazing Frog? game. You can also interact with them by grabbing their arms or throwing different objects at them. Players can change the appearance of the frog by selecting different outfits. The game also supports a split-screen mode. Four players can play Amazing Frog? on the same device at a time.

Controls 5/5

Amazing Frog? controls are pretty intuitive and simple. It will not be hard to control the frog because you will have to use only a few buttons. You can also browse the list of key bindings in the game settings. As a bonus, you can connect the gamepad (if you have one) and play the game with its help. It makes it easier to play the game if there are many players who use the same PC at a time.

Replay Value 4/5

You will enjoy playing Amazing Frog? in case you are a fan of sandbox games. It is a fun game that allows users to have fun and kill some time. Besides the split-screen mode, Amazing Frog? offers you a multiplayer mode so you could play the game with other players.


Amazing Frog? is an exciting sandbox game that is available for download for PC. Unfortunately, the game is still in early access. Nevertheless, developers regularly release various Amazing Frog? updates and add new content.

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