Austria in summer with children: in Tyrol with walks, bicycles, parks

Austria in summer with children is an increasingly attractive destination, especially if in Tyrol to go for walks, biking, visits to parks with the Summercard and its services at low cost. There are 5 reasons to go on holiday in Tyrol with children. Mums and dads, and even the little ones, know it well: the good air, the cool temperatures that are more bearable than the summer heatwave, the benefits of the sun at high altitude, the opportunity to live all day in the midst of nature but without risk, open spaces and lawns where you can run at breakneck speed that are safer than a crowded beach. Trekking, mountain biking, horse riding, river sports, parks, events: the Tyrolean summer is designed and organized to entertain families with children from June to September with very high standards in terms of quality. At low prices compared to many other Italian locations. And with surprising hospitality.

What to do in Tyrol with children

Tyrol offers the possibility of the daily discovery of that nature that unfortunately cannot be experienced during the year: giving hay to goats, see how cows are milked, hear the whistle of marmots, be amazed at a deer crossing the road, see an eagle gliding in the sky. And things that for many children only exist in cartoons.

These are also the reasons why a summer holiday in the mountains for many families is preferable (or at least can be complementary) to a beach holiday.

If you want to be safe and choose a destination that guarantees the best organization and the best services for children, many events and affordable prices, our choice this summer can only go to Tyrol. Which is a sort of outdoor paradise a stone’s throw from Italy, with a wide choice of destinations and activities, services of very high standards.

For example, you can go on long walks, or day walks, large and small excursions by mountain bike, horseback riding, climbing, kayaking and river sports, swimming and lake sports. Tyrol is also rich in zoos and wildlife parks, playgrounds and water parks And a unique thing that you can try is the experience on the Alpine coaster, toboggan runs on which to have fun in summer. Farm visits and children’s events are another way to relax, get in touch with nature and get to know the local culture.

All this at rather low prices, which is certainly an interesting aspect for a family.

On these pages of the official website of the Tyrol you will find tips on places and activities.

5 reasons for a family holiday in Tyrol

After visiting the Austrian Tyrol, we made a selection of 5 reasons to choose to take a holiday here with the children.

1. The most beautiful places in the Alps

Where to go on a family holiday in Tyrol? Winter holidaymakers know that the Stubai Valley, only half an hour from the Italian border, is well known for having been awarded several times as the best family ski area and this attitude is confirmed even in summer, with thousands of services dedicated to children.

Kufstein and the Alpbach valley

It should also be added that in the same valley many – including hotel babysitters – speak Italian. If you want to choose a family holiday in Tyrol, you should also consider the area around Kufstein and the Alpbach valley, both in the north of the region and within walking distance of each other.

The first is a green area with a castle 800 years old to visit and a picturesque lake with a beach: during the summer months, children from Monday to Friday have at their disposal many free activities, from climbing on bales of hay to driving a tractor, from the day to discover the rare animals (even the meerkats!) to the adventures in the castle where you replicate the medieval life, playing at being a knight with the sword on the saddle of Haflinger horses, those with light hair and thick blonde mane.

The Alpbachtal also looks child-friendly: Alpbach is considered the most beautiful village in Austria because every house – without exception – was built in the traditional alpine style, all in wood and with flowers on the balconies. Here children can enjoy themselves on the Lauser Sauser Rollercoaster, a middle way between a rollercoaster and a toboggan run, which however passes through the woods allowing parents and children to descend at full speed between fast straights and parabolic curves.

In the Alpbachtal valley there are also many bathing lakes such as the Reintaler See and the Reither Seem: they are very popular with children, who can dive and play on the banks.

There are also public swimming pools with slides, an adventure park, a botanical garden and Juppi Zauberwald, a sort of outdoor bowling alley with wooden bowling pins.

2. Trekking and biking for children

What are the best places for children and young people to have some outdoor activities? Flat paths and cycle paths (often rentals also offer e-bikes for children) are everywhere but there is also a lot of choice for those looking for something unusual that can ignite the curiosity of children.

Here you can find information and ideas about hiking and biking routes for children.

Summer holidays with children in the Kitzbühel Alps, close to the Simon Alm mountain hut

In the forest with waterfall

In Leutasch near Seefeld, for example, there is a beautiful three-kilometre-long forest path that leads to the Geisterklamm gorge, which is crossed from side to side by an 800-metre-long footbridge (!) that precipices over a waterfall more than 20 metres high!

Underground like marmots

In Serfaus there is a park with an underground path, built just like marmots would have done, where children can explore life underground.

The Moor & More moraine environment of Going am Wilden Kaiser allows children to discover the environment of the peat bog and all its animals.

3. Advantages of the Summercard

A special card for access to places, facilities and activities is the best choice for visiting and enjoying the Tyrol. It is a habit rooted in almost all the valleys of the Tyrol, which provide tourists with a card that guarantees discounts and advantages for the entire duration of the holiday: discounts for bike rental, entry to museums and amusement parks, to get on public transport, discounts in shops.

The Summercard also becomes an antidote to laziness, an incentive to move and have fun in a cheap way, without burdening the pockets of families.

Here you can find all the information you need about what you can do with the Tyrol Summercard.

4. The Parks

There are no classic adventure parks around Tyrol, with equipped trails that take you from one branch to another, with a helmet on your head and secured with ropes to a harness.

Triassic Park, the primitive park

In addition to these parks, there is also a Triassic Park in Waidring, near Kitzbühel, where children can experience “primitive” adventures digging for fossils, crossing lakes with a wooden raft or playing with life-size dinosaurs.

For girls: princess castles

Girls can enjoy themselves in particular in Söll, in the Kitzbuhel Alps, just a few kilometres away, and in the Zillertal. In the first place you will find the Hexenwasser, a park with 60 attractions and water games dedicated to witches, while in the second you can feel like real princesses entering the Fichtenschloss Castle at the Rosenalmalm, made of wood with four towers (one is 18 meters high!) where you can look out before having lunch on the grill of gnomes.

For males: the world’s longest marbles track and the Alpine Coaster

Maybe the boys will prefer the Bosco delle Biglie on the Glungezer where they can play with the longest marbles track in the world.

Or on one of the many Alpine Coasters around the region: they are a middle ground between a rollercoaster rollercoaster and a toboggan run which, however, passes through the woods allowing parents and children to descend at full speed between fast straights and parabolic curves.

5. What to do in Tyrol when it rains: castles

Rain is the main fear of those who have never experienced a mountain holiday. What do we do if the weather is bad? Who keeps the children when they want to run but it’s cold outside?

Beyond the fact that, in addition to the dedicated areas within the hotels, around the region there are also many indoor playgrounds such as the Happyhopp in Vomp: during a day without sunshine is a good idea to bring children to see how it is made a real medieval castle, one of the dozens that are scattered throughout the territory.

Mines, caves and ice palaces

Not only that, you can also visit gold mines (as in Hainzenberg, in the Zillertal valley) and copper mines, caves and even a palace carved into the ice in Hintertux.

Aquapark, farms and pastry shops

The more adventurous will love the numerous aquatic centers with slides and indoor pools as well as the more curious will choose to discover how to make cheese in the huts, how to make glass, beer and even chocolate as in the famous pastry Haag in Landeck, 26 km from St. Anton.

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