Benefits of using the swiss ball

Everyone calls it swiss ball, but also fitball or gym ball, and it is an equipment for fitness and training increasingly popular in gyms, for home fitness and, lately, even in place of normal office chairs. But what is the point of a swiss ball? And what are the real advantages of using a swiss ball?

Why is it useful to use a swiss ball?

Let’s start from a premise: the back and, in general, the abdominal corset would need movement to stay healthy. And movement is not so much about exercises for the abdominal and dorsal areas, which are an attempt to counteract the decline in muscle tone; movement is about continuous muscle stimulation, particularly of the muscles that keep the back upright, i.e. lateral and oblique abdominals.

However, there is a problem: most people now do sedentary work or lead a mostly sedentary life and when you spend a lot of time sitting inevitably the muscles of the abdominal corset and back muscles fall apart and lose tone, hence the problems of back pain, neck pain and muscle tension in general.

Many people are using swiss dances instead of chairs. Sometimes abandoning this solution after a few days (especially because it is physically tiring and maintaining balance requires attention and mental energy), sometimes instead succeeding in overcoming the threshold of habit and receiving in return the promised benefits, namely a greater muscle tone and a better posture.

The benefits of using a fit ball

But in addition to using the fit ball as a replacement for the office chair, a swiss ball is a great tool for training and keeping fit. There are many exercises and workouts that can be done with a gymnastic ball and there are also many benefits for the body and the athletic condition.

Improves posture

By stimulating the muscles that oversee balance and the search for the centre of gravity, sitting on a swiss ball helps to assume a more correct posture both when sitting and in normal daily activities or during sports.

Strengthens the core

Whether you use it to sit, do abdominal exercises, or bend your arms with your feet resting on the swiss ball or any other functional exercise, the fit ball inevitably requires the recruitment of the muscle fibers of the core, the center from which any movement of our body starts. And this is a good thing, whatever sport you practice.

Improves balance

The difference between an exercise on an unstable support such as the swiss ball and the use of machines anchored to the ground is right here: the recruitment of stabilizing muscles and those that deal with balance and coordination. This is because the unbalanced condition generated by the swiss ball during any exercise requires the muscles to make continuous functional adaptations.

Activates the nervous system

By creating an unpredictable training environment even when performing standard exercises such as push-ups or simple backbones, the swiss ball stimulates the activation of the nervous system necessary to react to different stimuli, also improving the readiness of reflexes.

How much does a swiss ball cost?

Given all these benefits from the physical, postural, recruitment of muscle fibers and improvement of coordination skills, buying a swiss ball can be a great investment since you can find models like these from 20 euros.

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