Ava Max Release Party: You Can Stream It from Anywhere

One of the most expected Roblox events takes place on September 25, 2020, online. Ava Max is going to launch her new album directly via Roblox. The album’s name is Heaven and Hell. There is also a Q&A session that is planned during the event. During the COVID-19 safety measures period, this type of event becomes more and more popular among users. 

Ava has already created various popular singles that she is going to perform during the event. You will definitely hear her “So Am I” and “Kings and Queens” songs. However, those are not the only masterpieces that the attendees will be able to enjoy. 

Fans will have this unique opportunity to purchase some in-game avatars. There will be some quests that you will be able to complete within this virtual space where Ava Max will present her new album and songs.

Roblox has the exclusive right for this event. This means you can’t listen to those new hits first anywhere else. The online concert will happen here only and you will not be able to watch it afterward.

Do You Want to See It Live? A brief guide to Watch This Show

If you want to take part in this event, you need to make sure you have launched the game several minutes before the event starts. This will allow you to catch every minute of this interesting show. To participate in the event, you need to create your Roblox account. Once you have done with it, the next step is to enter a special space where the concert will take place. 

What is Roblox?

This is an online multiplayer platform allowing you to create your own games and play the games created by other users. Here you get the full set of instruments providing you with the opportunity to develop games of all genres from racing to RPG. The platform has more than 165 million active users. 

This platform allows you to buy and sell games as well as virtual platforms using the inner currency. To do this, you need to upgrade your account membership type to Premium. Robux is a virtual currency that you can use to buy various items or to exchange it for USD.
Roblox hosts various real and virtual events from time to time. During the pandemic period, the company hosts more virtual events to prevent its fans from catching the infection. There are also some popular events such as BloxCon or Bloxy Award.

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