PS4 Owners Will Enjoy Horizon Forbidden West And Sackboy

Sony has announced its PS5 lineup that will include several interesting games including Horizon Forbidden West and Sackboy. The PS5 developer has turned the head around and seen its main competitor to allow its players to play the upcoming masterpieces on Xbox One. This step was criticized by the fans as they think this will prevent the games from reaching their full potential.

However, this criticism didn’t stop Sony from copying this step. They have decided to allow PS4 users to have full access to the upcoming “newcomers” that are in the fifth generation lineup already. What does it mean? This means that if you are a PS4 user, you will have this opportunity to play Horizon Forbidden West and Sackboy on your console without buying the fifth generation. However, if you want those games to show all their potential to you, you will have to open your pocket to pay.

It is to mention that those games were designed to show the advantages of the PS5 console especially its graphics features. And the fans are divided currently. Those who have preordered the PS5 device want those games to be exclusive, while the owners of the fourth generation are happy to have this opportunity to play those games. And what are your thoughts?

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