Xbox Bethesda: The Games We Will Never See

ZeniMax was purchased by Microsoft, which is one of the most important events in the world of digital entertainment. This means that the Microsoft lineup will be updated with some great games including Doom, Quake, Wolfenstein, and others. Now it is time to dream a little about the games that could be created but we think they will never be released.

Fallout: New Vegas 2

The first part of this game came out in 2010 and it was a kind of revolution in the series. We can’t say that this game was great bearing in mind those myriads of bugs that players have faced. However, we cant also refuse the fact that this one was a cult product. Currently Obsidian and Fallout are both under the same roof and nothing can stop the devs to create an official sequel.

Halo RPG: Are You Serious?

No one asked for an RPG in the Halo setting. However, this would be great to play a sandbox with Halo characters. This could be a product with detailed dialogues and choice-based gameplay where you could apply all your smarts to win. The game without “shoot first think later” approach would have its fans naturally.

Doom Could Invite More Characters

Have you ever dreamt about having more enemies in Doom? Instead of the standard hordes, or the living dead and other foes that we have seen in this shooter. And what if they are added with dome other characters coming from the most popular games including skeletons, werewolves, and dinosaurs? That would be a great mixture. 

Doom Tactics: Would You Play It?

Another way of thinking about the future of the Doom series is to imagine that the developers will take some characters from the original game, add some new ones and throw them into tactical mode battles where you will have to manage the team to fight your way to the end of missions. 

Why do we have this crazy idea? Why shouldn’t we? Have you seen this great Gears Tactics strategy? Yes, we can admit that the Arma Tactics was a true failure after all those Arma tactical shooters. Bad graphics, bad gameplay, nothing even to say about little benefits that we have never seen at that game.

However, Gears Tactics is something that we can call a game-changer. If this idea was taken by the Doom creators, we could see a great mixture of old good Doom characters in a new role. 

An RPG in the Minecraft Setting: Are You Serious?

Minecraft is a very popular game having a cubic primitive design and offering an unlimited field for your imagination. However, if you think wider you can have this crazy idea about an RPG in the Minecraft setting. Why not? A cubic man could run across wide spaces full of cubic trees and herbs trying to build various constructions. Isn’t it great? 

This is nothing more than our fantasy but those games could become true. And we think they could become popular as those series have many fans across the world. Those are few attempts to imagine how to develop the famous series of the games that every gamer has tried once at least in their gaming career.


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