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Grand Theft Auto V Review


Amy Morton / 22 Oct 2020

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Grand Theft Auto V is an action game developed by Rockstar Games and released on PC, Playstation 3, Xbox 360, and other platforms. 
The new part of the saga is special and, perhaps, the most important in its entire history. It does not radically change anything in the series's formula, but it brings almost all of its components to a mirror shine. 

The Plot: 5/5

Here, for once, the plot does not sag, there are almost no routine tasks left, and the world, despite its increased size, seems even more intense and interesting. At times, there is even such a strange feeling that all the ideas from previous Rockstar games were only part of some experiment to be fully revealed only here. Grand Theft Auto 5 is almost three different games in one. The heroes have their social circle, their missions, homes, and bank accounts. In the end, two of them have their own families, and they all live in completely different societies.

The Changes: 5/5

The style and atmosphere are also changing. Suppose with Franklin you almost return to the days of San Andreas with gang showdowns and dark-skinned homies, and Michael's story looks much more like what was happening in sunny Vice City. In that case, Trevor's adventures are generally difficult to classify. And this variety is the most beautiful thing that happened in the entire history of the series. It is the trinity of the main characters that it lacked for many years. 

Forget About Routine

The plot for once ceased to resemble a torn cake, rolled out for tens of hours. There is a clear central line, a drama (each of the protagonists has its own), and a brilliant production, and as soon as one of their lives slows down, we are immediately sent to where it is more fun. Build Trevor's business, for example. The ability to change skin at any time and look at the world with different eyes made it possible to almost completely eliminate boring scenarios or gameplay moments. 


Grand Theft Auto 5 is by no means a step for the genre or the industry as a whole. But this is a huge step for the world's best-selling gaming series. The world is huge, but only as much as needed. There are enough tasks, but the number of checkpoints among them is reduced to a minimum and only the most insane remain. Even a huge number of classes does not create the impression of redundancy, because everything is implemented at the same high level and is exactly where it should be. GTA 5 is full of various details and surprises that many other developers won't even think about.

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