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Hello Neighbor Review


Julie Ellis / 13 Oct 2020

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The game Hello Neighbor is unique in its atmosphere. It is difficult to unambiguously compare it with something. It skillfully uses numerous developments of adventure and horror while offering original gameplay, which contrasts markedly against the background of many horrors.

The Start: 4/5

The beginning does not bode well. The little kid is having fun on the summer holidays by kicking a ball near the house. It all ends at the doorstep of the neighboring property. Not suspecting anything, the guy goes for his trophy when he suddenly pays attention to suspicious sounds and fuss in the house. Unable to suppress his curiosity, he gets closer and looks into the window. What he saw will radically change the well-established carefree life, but so far, he does not suspect it. The young detective decides to get in there by all means.

What To Do: 4/5

The developers throw us out into the world without instructions, goals, and even hints of what to do. Here is a strange house for you with a crazy neighbor, and then you decide what to do. The main process consists of finding various keys and objects that allow you to open passages leading to new parts of the location or to exit from it. At the same time, a paranoid neighbor follows us, a meeting with whom almost always turns into a rollback to the beginning of the act (but, at least, with the preservation of inventory and general progress). 

Test Your Nerves

If the neighbor were a little less ubiquitous and not so cheating, the game's duration would be reduced significantly. But here, his behavior is the basis and main idea around which everything revolves, so it will probably not be entirely correct to consider this a disadvantage. One thing is for sure - the game is extremely demanding on patience, sense of humor, and self-irony. If you approach her with a serious attitude, you will certainly not get pleasure, but just waste your nerves and time.


To evaluate such a product analytically, using generally accepted schemes and methods, means to brand it in absentia in the most merciless way and cold-bloodedly mix it with manure. The "Neighbor" needs a special approach, at the level of subtle subconscious impulses. That is, in their right and sober mind, not everyone will understand and, importantly, admit that they like it.

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