Outdoor fitness: the Street Workout

In a nutshell: it’s about doing gymnastics on the street . But it is not so trivial and indeed, in this Street Workout trend there are many interesting aspects for those who like to keep fit outdoors.

In America, where fashion exploded towards 2010 after Hannibal For King’s first videos on Youtube , they call it Street Workout or even Ghetto Workout, given that the fashion to meet in small parts to do exercises was born in the ghettos of US cities. physical like push-ups or pull-ups . But the habit is not just stars and stripes: even in Eastern European countries, bars, parallel bars and other life route structures are never lacking in the courtyards of condominiums since the times of the Soviet Union, and it is normal to find yourself training for Street.

In the end what they do, in the east as in the west, is not the old calisthenics , or the calisthenic gymnastics : the word comes from the ancient Greek ” kalos “, beauty, and ” sthenos “, strength, and it is nothing but the training of Spartan soldiers in preparation for the battle of Thermopylae against the Persians of Xerxes in 480 BC Or the gymnastics that once took place in middle schools , the one that included the parallel bars, the Swedish painting and to climb on the rope and on the poles.

All things you then have to do when you participate in races like the Spartan Race , after all.

Paradoxically, just as all those tools disappeared from school gyms, functional training without overloading came back into fashion in many fitness clubs and even on the street; and it is nothing more than the ‘XXI century’ version of the basis of mass physical education programs in vogue between the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries.

To understand each other: we are not even from the parts of the eighties bodybuilders who found themselves in Venice Beach pumping their muscles until they exploded. In this movement of the Street Workout on the one hand there is the idea of ​​the crew , of the group that finds itself to pass the time exactly as those of Parkour fans do ; on the other hand there is a purely functional training, which starts from the basic movements such as the squat, pushups and pull-ups and then evolves into increasingly complex and demanding figures such as the Human Flag, the human flag at the stake , or the bending of the arms on the vertical.

Does it look like artistic gymnastics? Yes, it is true, the basis is that, and it is not at all easy to learn the fundamental movements: body training can be more challenging , for muscles, tendons and joints, for training with overloaded machines, and despite the charm of this idea of ​​lifestyle and fitness free and alternative, it is better to go by degrees.

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