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Secret Neighbor Review


Julie Ellis / 21 Oct 2020

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Secret Neighbor is a multiplayer horror and stealth game released in October 2019.

Finding keys and chasing the neighbor is just as much fun as chasing the kids. Once you play with random people online, the tension is a bit off, and sometimes the game is downright ruined by some's behavior. 

Gameplay 4/5

There is only one level at the moment, and everything looks a bit simple as if it were a test for a full game. Great concept, but currently a moderate effect. Hello Neighbor was very popular two years ago. Now the spin-off Secret Neighbor appears, where you have to work together to escape, only one of you is the infamous neighbor. To escape, find keys in the main house so that you can open the basement to escape. It is up to the neighbor to prevent this. The best tactic for the kids is to stick together. However, time is ticking, and you will have to be quick to find all the keys.

What Is Secret 4/5

The concept behind Secret Neighbor is quite fun as games like this are always popular. Just look at the many video games or board games such as Werewolves, where there are one or more players who have to sabotage. Likewise, here you choose a child with unique skills, each of which provides a different advantage over the neighbor. Once the potty starts, a random child is assigned as a neighbor, and they have their skills to use to keep the kids from escaping. On average, it often happens that you are only in a room with another child. The tension then rises because the neighbor can pretend to be other children or objects and hide.


Still, Secret Neighbor currently feels like a test to see if this game has a future because it all looks a bit simple. You have no opportunity to practice, there is only one level, and the community is not always pleasant. Some people conspire with the neighbor because they are friends, and then you have no chance as a child. Others immediately say that they are the neighbors, and because of that, the tension has already largely disappeared. It is also very boring once you have finished because depending on the duration of the game, you will have to watch the remaining time with others. 


Ultimately, Secret Neighbor is mostly fun to do with friends and only half as fun with strangers online. At the moment, the game is perfectly suited to play between big games, because after a few games, the fun is soon over, especially because of the one level and the sometimes long time that you have to wait before you can play again. Especially, if you play with people who mess things up a bit because Secret Neighbor expects you to play a bit.

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