Summer walks in Tyrol between the alpine pastures: the Stubai Valley and St. Anton am Arlberg

Going for walks in Tyrol in summer among the alpine pastures is definitely a good idea: we have been there and here we explain you why the Stubai Valley and St. Anton am Arlberg are two destinations not to be missed. If you are looking for an active and relaxing holiday in nature, walking in the mountains in Tyrol, Austria, next summer 2019 is a winning idea for several reasons. A land easy to reach from Italy, rich in quality facilities and great hospitality, open valleys with wide-angle views of the Alps, few crowds, comfortable walks to do even with children. And the possibility, along with trekking, to live a day like a real Tyrolean, stopping in the huts for a lunch or a gourmet snacks, eating dishes with the flavors of the past at zero kilometers. Here we point out two fundamental walks to understand what we are talking about, both easy to do in a maximum of half a day.

Walks to the alpine pastures in Tyrol in summer

Have you ever experienced that pleasant experience of realizing that one side of the mountain can be very different from the other? You can only experience such a thing in Tyrol, Austria, as we did: you just need to go down a few kilometers from the Brenner border to feel like you are on holiday in a “different world”, very different from the Italian mountains you just left. The profile of the mountains is different, the colours different, the architecture of the villages different; there are also different scents coming from the kitchens of restaurants and refuges.

Beware: in the Tyrol area, in April, there can be up to a metre and a half of snow in the ski areas, but in the valley the climate is already perfectly spring and many mountain pastures are already perfectly reachable.

So going out for a mountain hike from spring to autumn becomes a unique experience, and the perfect season is summer. The Tyrol stretches from the border with Italy in the south to the border with Germany in the north (about 80 km) but is over 200 km wide from the ends of St. Anton in the west and Lienz in the east and has dozens of valleys and over 24,000 km of hiking trails.

What walks to take in Tyrol in summer

And then you can choose to make a path of three days and one long three hours, one at high altitude above 3000 meters and one at the bottom of the valley, one panoramic and one in the woods, one on a dirt road and one mountaineering where you have to climb the wall.

The best choice for a half day of light trekking with gourmet stops? One of the many excursions to the alpine pastures.

Hiking in the Stubai Valley, with a traditional snack in a mountain hut

The Stubai Valley, well known to skiers also for the presence of a glacier where you can ski until the month of June, is just a few kilometers from the border. All you have to do is descend towards Innsbruck and turn left immediately: almost at the end of the valley, at the level of the village of Falbeson, there is a quiet path that goes up to the top of the Neue Regensburger Hut.

Halfway up, just outside the forest, however, is the Ochsenalm – the “oxen’ hut” – at an altitude of 1,830 m. It is a small old wooden hut with small windows and a lot of flowers around it, which every winter miraculously withstands the tons of snow that cover it.

It is a walk that takes less than four hours between going and returning to the village. When you enter, ask Maridl who runs it: if you stay for lunch, we recommend ordering a simple “potato, egg and bacon”, where the eggs have just been collected from the henhouse behind the house and the bacon is homemade (and this is also a nice difference). Try graukäse, the grey cheese: it’s the thinnest cheese that exists (and it’s not a joke).

If you’re stopping for a snack, you can’t help but choose the Kaiserschmarrn, a sweet pancake covered in icing sugar and berry jam. It will be printed in your memory as one of the most pleasant memories of summer.

The Putzen Alp trail from St. Anton and the alpine cheese

In St. Anton, not far from the border with Switzerland, they are surprised every year by the fact that there are more Italian tourists in summer than in winter, despite the fact that the country is known throughout the world for its slopes. Perhaps the reason is that, in the summer, this corner of Tyrol is transformed from the destination of the international jet set to the quietest place in the world where you can breathe the mountain.

The term “immersed in nature” gives you a clear idea when from St. Jakob, the village at the beginning of the village, you take the path that leads to PutzenAlpe, over 1700 meters above the village of Pettneu: you climb about 450 meters in altitude in a couple of hours on an easy forest road that goes in and out of the woods. At the top, together with the view of the peaks on the other side of the valley towards Ischgl and Soelden.

The best thing about PutzenAlpe is the menu, where there are only dishes made with natural ingredients: here the km 0 becomes “meters 0” because the cheese is produced directly in the dairy connected to the stable.

And after lunch, those who prefer to move to the next Alpine pasture – the NesslerAlpe – and those who prefer to laze end up on a deckchair in the sun under the umbrella or, even better, directly on the grass.

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