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SwiftKey Keyboard Review


Julie Ellis / 14 Feb 2018

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The keypad is that one feature of a smartphone that is most commonly used. Whether it is instant messaging or tweeting or status update or sending an important mail; you would want a keypad that has got your back by learning your words and predicting them for your help. What’s better than a keyboard that not only works smoothly without hanging but also offers you the words and emojis that you might be using? Swiftkey keyboard does that all, catering to all sorts of typing tastes and preferences. 

Interface 5/5

Swiftkey keyboard comes in more than 80 themes, backgrounds and colour schemes to customise your keypad for everyday use. You can tap or swipe through the keypad getting all your words and emoticons on point. It comes in 150+languages including English – UK, USA and Australia, Spanish, Portuguese, German, French, Turkish, Hindi and so on and allows you to type in 5 languages at one swipe without having to go to settings. The app learns your most-used, favourite words from every day and online searches as well, saving you time and labour - selecting a prompted prediction is much quicker than typing out the whole words, phrases or sentences every time. 

Features 5/5

  • It learns your words and emoticons, even the less frequent ones and prompt them as you type, aiding you in typing much faster;
  • Rather than tapping on every letter, you can just swipe your fingers over the letters and the Swiftkey keyboard will put up the necessary word accurately;
  • Helps you bring down your typos so that you don’t have to repeat the right words with asterisks and finally get to use an autocorrect that corrects the right things;
  • Prompts the words which might not be in the dictionary but you use them anyway, like nicknames, funny code words or even slangs. It does not filter out much;
  • Offers a good number of colour schemes to fit your choice. Since you will be using it every day, it is only right that you should get to select the themes. 

Usability 5/5

Swiftkey keyboard will request access to your contacts, log details and text messages to gather as much information as possible for predicting the words you use the most in conversation. Swiftkey Keyboard was initially released in July 2010 and developed by TouchType Ltd. The app makes those jokes about autocorrect quite pointless and saves you from the embarrassment of typos because it ushers in an absolutely easy and convenient way of typing your texts without having to recheck over and over for a wrong word or letter. 

Compatibility 4/5

Swiftkey, right now, is compatible with only certain versions of Android OS and the emoji prediction feature can only be availed in smartphones with Android 4.1 and above. The Swiftkey keyboard runs on Artificial Intelligence and adapts to all your typing habits over every device. The kind of seamlessness offered by Swiftkey keyboard makes your job of typing over all your devices quite effortless once you are logged into your account.

Bottom Line

The app is smart enough to catch the tone of your chat and depending on whether it is casual or professional, predicts accordingly. It specifically helps during those times when you have to type out a long word with confusing spelling but can’t remember which letter comes double and which one is single. 

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