The 10 best sports for weight loss

Doing sports is the best way to lose weight: physical activity in fact allows you to burn calories and speed up your metabolism even when finished and, together with a little attention to nutrition, is without doubt the healthiest and most effective method to reach the ideal weight.

Many think that the best sports to lose weight are sports walking and running, and yet running and walking are not the only physical activities that allow you to burn a lot of calories in a short time: in general, and without falling into excess, plus a sport it is intense and involves the muscles of the whole body and the more it will have the ability to trigger the mechanisms of calorie consumption, burning calories with the result of an effective weight loss.

Here then, on the basis of a person of average height, the 10 most suitable sports for weight loss.


Second sport in the ranking of the best sports to practice considering caloric consumption and potential risk of injuries, rowing is an endurance activity that involves the upper and lower part of the body in harmonious and powerful movements that combine strength and resistance, accelerating the metabolism. .

Cross country skiing

Nordic skiing is one of the best sports activities to burn calories: not only because it is practiced in the cold, and the cold naturally increases calorie consumption as we have written here , but also because it involves the muscles of the whole body, from legs to arms to core, in an intense cardiovascular activity.


Well yes, the much maltreated soccer also has some positive aspects, such as the fact that involving the different types of muscle fibers and being a mixed aerobic-anaerobic sport inevitably speeds up the metabolism to burn 500 Kcal per hour.


Squash is a fantastic cardiovascular sport, made of shots, braking and intensity to the maximum: for this reason it has also been proclaimed the best sport to practice considering both the average caloric consumption and the potential risk of injuries , considering that an hour of play – the average rental time of a squash court – can burn over 700 Kcal. An outdoor alternative? Paddle tennis is now in fashion, which is played in pairs in a wire mesh cage.


Surfing is a fantastic total body sport that requires strength in the legs, arms and core, as well as strength and breath both when standing on the table and when you are out for a swim: roughly an hour of surfing it allows to burn around 250 Kcal , which can increase with increasing intensity.


Another sport that like the new and the walk (or in some ways also the jogging) is suitable for people of all ages: pedaling means involving the biggest and most powerful muscles of the legs, starting from the quadriceps and buttocks and without forgetting the calves, and although the upper part of the body is not involved as in other sports, cycling is a sport with very high calorie consumption: if professional cyclists have almost zero percentages of fat mass it is because – if practiced with intensity – cycling can burn up to over 1000 Kcal per hour. Ok, this is true for the pros, but the fact remains that even a nice bike ride is a great way to consume calories.


We must not be deceived by breaks and recoveries: gymnastics is one of the most intense and demanding sports, and it is no coincidence that gymnasts have the most harmonious physicists among sportsmen. Shots, jumps, acrobatics, and still the search for coordination and balance lead to burning up to 300 Kcal per hour.


Races, jumps, stunts and a lot of functional movements: Parkour is a sport of the highest caloric consumption level because it involves all the muscles, requires strength and speed, recruits muscles at a deep level and combining the characteristics of many sports ( running, climbing, explosive jumping, etc.) greatly speeds up the metabolism.

Sprint run

Let’s start with an average figure: the run allows you to burn 1 Kcal per kg of body weight per kilometer (a person of 60kg therefore burns on average 60Kcal every km traveled, therefore more or less every 5-7 minutes of activity). But there is a way to increase this calorie consumption, which would not grow exponentially with increasing running time and distances : practice fast running.

In general, the more calories are burned by doing 10 times at the maximum speed 200 meters, with a bit of recovery between one “sprint” and the other that does not run at average speed for 2 km: this is because the heart works at beat levels higher, the blood circulation is faster, the body temperature increases faster and in substance the basic metabolism is accelerated. For this reason, after the new one, fast running is the best way to burn lots of calories.


Swimming is not only a sport suitable for people of all ages and abilities, it is also not a sport that involves almost every muscle, from the neck to the tip of the toes. If you practice it trying to increase the speed a little and stay in the water ( for example doing repeated with a short pause between one tank and another: it has been shown that there is a linear correlation between the increase in speed and the increase in calorie consumption) can lead to burning up to 11 calories per minute, or about 550 Kcal per hour more than those burned by the basic metabolism.

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